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A trend is driven by demographics, lifestyle, technology -­ it movesforward steadily and relentlessly. Trendy phenomenon ­ or fads - often seem to spring up overnight, burn intensely and then die out just as rapidly. "Trendy" looks good but generally does not fit into the pattern of people's lives.

Flowery pink shirts do not fit into the pattern of men's lives and hence, need to be classified as 'trendy. Checks and pinstripes are bowing out to colors, frill and funk. Men's wardrobes are resembling women's, with embroidered collars, patchwork pieces and retro prints."

Teenage boys and girls in kerala are taking to trendy fashions on a large scale. This is clearly visible in some of the top notch colleges in kerala especially in major cities like Ernakulam and Trivandrum.
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