Hair coloring - a fashion statement

Hair coloring is now a fashion statement and we all love to dye our hair with the latest and the trendiest colors. But sometimes hair coloring turns out to be a disaster when the color does not look good and natural on you. It is very important to know which is the right hair dye color according to your personality. Hair coloring is good if you want to hide your gray color, want a change in yourself according to the weather or just to have fun.

Choose the right hair color Analyze your personality:

The way a color looks on your hair depends largely on your personality and the way you carry it. You can be confident of your hair color when you know that it is close to your personality. It not always scary to care freaky red color, some people carry it very gracefully. If you are a simple person who prefers subtle colors you should go for more common and traditional colors.

The natural color of hair:

In most cases the natural color of your hair plays a very prominent part in choosing the right hair color. You can go for colors which suit every hair type. For example – brown and its shade. Blonde hair dye demands healthy hair as the bleach used in it harms the hair and makes it dry. Choose two or three shades darker or lighter than your natural color of hair for the best results. Do not try extreme color without consulting a professional.

The skin type:

Your skin tone plays a very important part, as a perfect hair color will make your face glow. Almost every color suits pale skin. On one hand dark shades suit olive and dusky complexions, while ladies with rosy cheeks will beautifully carry red color.

The dressing style:

Your dress sense can also alter the way you get your hair colored. Right hair color dye also depends on the clothing color that suits you. Shades of golden and blonde suits red, yellow, rusty shades of clothing. Burgundy, black, platinum colors go best with clothes with shades of blue, black and green.

Eye color:

Generally, dark blue, gray blue, green, and deep brown eyes are called cool eye colors. Golden shades, blonde and ashy colors compliment them. On the other hand red, burgundy, mahogany gel will with warm colored eyes like black, brown green and hazel.

Temporary or permanent:

The color, which you choose also, depends on your choice of temporary or permanent hair dyes. Red color is difficult to carry, at the same time it fades quickly so it better to go for a temporary red dye. Black color is difficult to remove and that is why if you are planning to color your hair in black then consider this point. Browns are mostly good colors to go for and hence are the best choice for permanent hair dye.
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