Body Art

Tattoos and piercing are hot and happening today with more and more youngsters getting tattoos done on the body and getting various parts of their body pierced. Learn more about tattoos and piercing before you take the plunge.


If you are thinking of getting tattoos done then it is always advisable that you are totally informed about the pros and cons. Learn whether it is safe, how to care for tattoos and much much more.

Body piercing

Body piercing is hot and happening nowadays with more and more youth piercing the various parts of their body. The various body parts that are normally pierced are nose, ears, navel, eyebrow, lips, nipple, tongue and other genital parts. Often, it's a statement of individuality and style but some portray it as a sign of rebellion too. Sometimes, it's nothing more than a desire to adorn various body parts with jewellery. With piercing becoming more and more popular it is always advisable to be more aware of its method, precautions, consequences and other small questions, which will cross your mind before taking the plunge. In this article we have tried to answer mostly all your questions.

Nail Art

Nail art is the most happening thing in the world of fashion today. It will allow you to express your creativity and personality and will help express your individual style like never before. Nail experts or 'designers' are cropping up at happening salons all over the country to create art on your nails. There are endless paint effects that you can achieve as well as many decorative gems, foils and tapes to assist you in your creativity. These can turn your nails into a small canvas, on which you can create great pieces of artistic work. This can be achieved by freehand painting or by using an artist's airbrush. Nail piercing is also considered a type of nail art, which works best on artificial nails. This is achieved by attaching rings to tiny holes, drilled into the nail, which are attached to chains that are worn around the wrist. They also come with chain links to a ring that is worn on the same finger.


Tattoo form of art traces its origin from very ancient times and was very much in prevalence in those days. The tattoos were inspired by nature and their creativity reflected the close association that the ancient people had with nature.

Man has always felt a sense of well being by decorating his body and appearance is something that nobody can ignore. Tattoos form the link to our tribal past.


Mehandi became very popular among tattoos by its expression -- fun and painless.Besides the designs can be changed over time.There are temporary as well as permanent tattoos. Unlike permanent tattoos, a lifetime commitment to your mehandi design is not required as the designs fade over time. Generally the tattoos fade in 1 to 4 weeks, but it will depend on where your design is on the body and how long the paste was left to set. The less exposed to soap, water and rubbing, the longer your design will last. Many celebrities have been seen wearing mehandi designs and general awareness of the art form has increased due to articles in national magazines, publications and television broadcasts.

Exotic Tattoos

The tattoo craze has been there for two years now, but it was more of an in thing with the teens. Now, even older men and women are opting for it because the colours and the designs are too tempting for words. Tattoos are also placed on different parts of the body so you now have to not only decide the kind of tattoo that you are going to get, but where you are going to display it! If you have a great body to display, then get tattooed starting from the shoulder to the elbow. Once you get it done though, you will probably want to wear only sleeveless all the time!

Designs Galore

Japanese tattoos are the in thing this year and therefore you see dragons, fish, water and fire! For those who want to communicate not via pictures, but words, there are Chinese, Japanese and even Old English lettering done artistically and colourfully! Religious tattoos are also in vogue so you see scriptures from the holy books on the hands of people! For those who are not so sure of these permanent tattoos, there is the henna tattoo that fades after a few weeks. In the name of fashion, don’t forget to find out whether your needles are sterile! You wouldn’t want to be infected, would you?
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