Styling of hair has gained added importance these days. It is said in fashion circles that hair can make or break your entire look. So every effort is made on the part of the people of Kerala to put on a very presentable appearance by styling one's hair to the maximum. While going about with the styling of one's hair ,one has to take into consideration the shape of one’s face that may be oval, round, triangular or square.


Due to the ability of one’s hairstyle to change the visual outlook of a person, styling of hair has gained added importance these days. It is said that hair can make or break your entire look. So every effort is made on the part of the people of Kerala to put in a very presentable appearance by styling ones hair to the maximum. But knowing how to style your hair is one thing and actually getting it done the way you want is an entirely different matter. And when going about with the styling of one's hair one has to take in to consideration the shape of one’s face that may be oval, round, triangular or square.

Square Shaped Faces

The square face doesn't have as many hair styling options as an oval shape; if a man has a square face he needs a style that truly matches and conforms to that very shape. He would look more elegant in any style that is cleanly cut around the ears or any style that provides a square frame for the face. It is generally believed that a long hair and square shaped face go well together.

Round Shaped Faces

The hairstyle appropriate for a round face would be one that slenderizes and that comes with curls at the eye level in an attempt to minimize the effects of a full face. A round face with a beard would make the face appear more oval. A neat moustache will also enhance the overall appearance and shape of the face.

When the hairline is receding, a style that is long and flowing in the back, will balance the overall roundness of his facial shape.

Classic Oval Shaped Face

While an oval shaped face is generally recognized as the ideal face shape, a square jaw line with longer locks can work wonders. Longer hair will, undoubtedly give the face a strong masculine signature. It is generally believed that any hair shape will fit in well with an oval shaped face.

Triangular Shaped Face

The best style, for this shape is to wear hair closely cropped at the crown and near the temples with hair a little longer or fuller at the back and also go with a full beard that would help to balance and fill out the jaw line.


Many of us are not fully aware of the fact that a particular kind of style will go well with our facial structure. A trend in Kerala is fast growing where the styling of one's hair occupies a prominent position in the general make up of every individual and is fully prepared to dish out a considerable sum of money to maintain an elegant look.

The right way, is to find what works with the structure and make our face look flattering. A flattering hairstyle can be the most important single factor in your appearance. Not only does it tell about your character, it balances your body, frames your face and complements your clothes and lifestyle. A really professional haircut is a valuable investment, because it will make you feel good as well as look good.

When choosing a new hairstyle you should look carefully at the shape of your face.

What kind of face do you have? Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you are lucky, as any style will suit you. A long face is best complemented by short hair that is quite full, with a fringe. Don't go for a severe long hairdo that will only make your face look longer.

Round Face

If you have a round face, you should aim to add length. If you don't want long hair, part your hair on the side or add fullness on top. Avoid a neat bob with a fringe. A round face gives an overall appearance of roundness. A full face is flattered by a short, layered cut. The top of the head should be given a ‘long’ look with a layered, curly style, extending to the back. If making a topknot, get a lot of elongated tendrils out that balances your face. A lot of volume to the hair will give it a flat look. A severe, tied back style also makes the face look rounder.

Square Face

A wide forehead and square jawbone means you have a square face. A style with the hair 2.5 cm, or so below the chin sits pretty on a square face. If your hair is thick or wavy, you can go all one length. With straight or fine hair, you can opt for a slight angle in the front. Do not go in for bobs. Blunt clipped bangs are also not recommended because they would emphasize the square ness of your face. All a square face needs is a little softening if the jaw line is too heavy. Draw the attention away from the jaw with a diagonal fringe forward from the hairline and around the ears if you wear your hair up, or long loose hair with a bit of bounce below chin level.

Heart Shape

A Heart shaped face is also easy to flatter. All you need to do is avoid a heavy slab of fringe that will make your face into a triangle. A softer fringe will help. Try a soft fringe too for a high forehead, or try a very heavy fringe that stars quite a way back and is 'V' - shaped, with the point of the 'V' in the centre of your forehead. If you have a receding or double chin, you need to draw attention away from it. Your hair will look best either piled to the top and back of your head, to balance the chin, or hanging loose to hide it. A large nose needs a short, fluffy style anything sleek or straight will only over-emphasize it.

Long Face

A long, thin face with a narrow chin is oblong. A short, perky bob will go very nicely with your kind of looks. It should be short at the back and the angled chin length, in the front. Wearing it with a side parting, with bangs brushed to the side, rounds out an oblong face. A longer bob, about five-cm, below the chin, will also look good on this kind of face. Layered hair will not suit you at all. Long hair, too, makes the face seems lengthier.

Hair Colouring Post Perm Tips

1. Don't wash newly permed hair for 48 hours after processing as any stress can cause curls to relax.

2. Use shampoos and conditioners formulated for permed hair to help retain the correct moisture balance and prolong the perm.

3. Always use a wide toothed comb and work from the ends upwards. Never brush the hair.

4. Blot wet hair dry before styling to prevent stretching.

5. Avoid using too much heat on permed hair. If possible, wash, condition and let dry naturally.

6. If your perm has lost its bounce, mist with water or try a curl reviver.These are designed to put instant volume and bounce into permed hair.

Bronze or Blonde

Colour has come a long way and we are and Indian women are more willing to experiment now than we were willing to earlier. A head of coloured hair, even in the 1980s, drew a lot of attention and appreciates glances. But today, take a quick look around you and you will agree that 80-90 per cent of young college girls and even career women have coloured hair. And unless it is crazy colour, it is considered normal and acceptable. Should you or shouldn't colour your hair is a question you often ask yourself. Here are a few answers to help you make up your mind about colouring your hair.

Are hair colours safe?

Yes, they are totally safe, in fact most of the colours today have special polymers and conditioners incorporated in them to make them superior to hair colours which were available earlier. These polymers and conditioners actually penetrate the hair shaft and enter the cortex, mending any damage in the normal hair structure. They smoothen the outermost layer of hair that is made up of cuticles, which appear like tiles on a roof under the microscope. The ultimate effect after the use of such a product on your hair would be shinier, smoother and healthier hair. So far there appears to be no connection between the application of hair colour and the appearance of Gary hair. Hair turns grey due to the inability of hair to produce melanin in the early stages of hair growth.

Melanin is the colour pigment in your hair, which can be black, brown, red or yellow. The individuality of your hair colour is determined by the percentage of each colour pigment, making each personas hair colour characteristically their own. Poor diet, illness, age, heredity, etc. can cause the acceleration of grey hair and the actual use of a hair dye has nothing to do with the greying process.

Which colour suits you the best is the question you should ask your beautician. Let her know if you had coloured or hennaed your hair earlier, the products you used and whether you had straightened or permed your hair. Also have your hair checked out for porosity or elasticity, both of which play a major role in how healthy you hair, will look after the colour. Discuss this with her in detail how long the process will take the cost and after care you will require to keep up the effect. You must also take a stand test so that both you and your hairdresser know what to expect at the end of the process.

What are the side effects of colouring?

If a professional taking into account all the above points does colouring, the side effects are almost nil, especially if the client follows the after care recommended. However, it is very important that your hairdresser recommends a patch test in addition to all the points mentioned above, especially with a product you have not used before. This is to check for allergic reaction before carrying out the colouring process. This should be done at least 24-28 hours in advance.

What do you need to maintain the colour and the quality of your hair?

Certain fashion colours fade easily and you may need to go back for a rinse once a month, for example, in the case of wine reds, you would need a regular touch up or rinse to maintain their intensity. In the case of grey hair, it would depend on the individual growth rate of hair. On an average, hair grows ½"- ¾" every month, so a touch up once in 20 days is a must for grey hair.

For those with no grey hair and a mild colour not too different from their natural colour, a touch up once in six months is ideal. For those with a drastic or dramatically different hair colour, a root touch up is important.

The after care needed is usually a shampoo for colour treated hair, which increases the life of your colour and conditioners to protect your hair. Too much exposure to sun, sea and chlorine should also be avoided.
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