How to grow long and thick hair fast

It’s any girl’s dream to possess long thick hair.Here are some simple home remedies that will help you grow your hair pretty fast.

First take a look at your hair.For those who have split ends, flyaways and unhealthy damaged hair, it’s advised that they start working towards the remedies.

Whiles split ends may not slow down hair growth they will prevent your hair from growing longer and healthier as they tend to travel to the root as the hair grows longer. So for hair re-growth as well as for a neat and finished look, cut the split ends off.

The next priority is to take a look at your diet to ensure it stays healthy and includes plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and low fat proteins like egg whites and fish.

Also follow a steady sleep pattern and make sure you get a sufficient daily dose of sleep and rest .

Remember your hair is usually a good depiction of your internal health.Hair growth reamins optimal when you are healthy inside. Hair is made of a protein called keratin that is vital for hair growth and it’s essential that you are getting lots of protein from clean sources.

While fine tuning your diet, include a daily dose of vitamin supplements that contribute to hair growth.Biotin, beta-carotene, biosil, B complexes, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, silica, nettle, and flaxseed oil will do the trick. Aswagandha is also a good option. This Indian ginseng will boost your immune system and allow healthy hair growth.

A good hair vitamin will contain all of the nutrients necessary for overall health, as well as those specific to hair growth. Biotin and MSM are ingredients every hair vitamin should contain. Biotin promotes cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and cell metabolism.

Massage the scalp preferably with a coconut-based oil.Massaging will stimulate blood flow to your scalp. Another way of stimulating blood flow to the hair is to do some cardio excercises like running or spinning at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.Aerobics or cardio is indirectly beneficial to hair growth because it allows you to stay fit, makes you feel healthier, gives you glowing skin, and increases blood flow.

Follow the rule of never over brushing your hair or brushing with a bristled brush, as it tends to tear and tug at your hair, damaging it.

A wide toothed brush should be used, as it has the added advantage of massaging the scalp, while also distributing natural oils on your scalp evenly and keeping the hair clean without split ends or damage.

Avoid brushing wet hair as this will make it elastic and susceptible to breakage and damage. Detangle your hair using a wide toothed comb.

Stop using commercial shampoos as they contain chemicals that make your scalp dry and remove the natural oils from your scalp. The natural oils the scalp generates is known as sebum which is beneficial for hair growth. Shampoos create an imbalance that forces the body to give out too much oil resulting in heavy and greasy hair.

Avoid over-washing your hair, it has the same effect as above. The best frequency for shampooing your hair is once a week for normal hair and twice a week for oily hair.

Stick to the herbal/ natural shampoos as far as possible. Initially there will be some adjustment hassles with the hair, but after two or three months, you will have more manageable hair.

Use a good herbal hair oil with a base of thulasi, amla etc that acts like a leave-in conditioner. Give regular hot oil treatments to the hair.Not only will it keep your hair moisturized, but it will also stimulate hair growth and you can see the result within a short span.

Stop all chemical treatments including coloring and bleaching as these will cause your hair to get damaged.Perming, colouring etc can be done but with caution.

Use hair styles that keep your hair as natural as possible - remember, NATURAL IS ALWAYS THE BEST.These include ponytails, buns and plaits. Cornrows are great for those with African hair.

Make sure you don’t tie your hair up too tightly as it will tug at the hair roots and scalp.

Wear it up loosely as a chignon – it gives an elegant and smart look.

The best bet when trying to grow long hair is to regularly massage small amounts of an authentic hair oil containing fresh coconut oil with a herbal base into the scalp and leave it overnight - it will transform your hair completely and over a period, will grow longer and thicker, making it soft, siky and more beautiful.
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